Shame on Me – I’ve Ignored My Own Advice

The plumbers house with the leaky taps. The joiners house with the door that doesn’t close properly. The doctor with the persistent cough. We all neglect those aspects of our own lives that require the very professional skills for which we are valued because we are too busy.

Busy Bee

I’m exactly the same and I’m pretty sure most of you are too.

Despite the constant contact (pun intended) we deliver from our organizations, carefully crafting the brand messaging and position we are too often incredibly silent on our own personal brands.

As the great Dorie Clark demonstrates with her masterwork on delivering your personal brand we should all spend, nay invest, time on our own positioning. Investments of time and effort for such things as networking and connecting with our peers are often lower down the priority list than the same activity carried out for our organizations.

It’s time for me to make a change, re-connect with those folks I’ve lost a bit of contact with and increase the dedication to the brand of me!


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